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With nearly 90 years of combined veterinary experience, Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care’s doctors have the training and experience needed to be a proactive hospital while maintaining a family- and team-oriented environment.

Besides treating your pet like a family member, our veterinarians function as part of a collaborative team that is focused on advocating for pets. When you hear the opinion of one of our doctors, it is very often a reflection of the opinions of six veterinarians, as they meet daily to discuss cases and consult on the best course of action for each.

Our staff is family oriented and very close to each other, and they treat our clients the same way. They will let you know exactly what your pet needs and will support and guide you through the options and decisions to be made. They have trained for the positions they hold and are comfortable answering questions but will also not hesitate to take your concerns to our veterinarians to make sure your pet’s needs are being addressed.

From traditional care for dogs and cats to specialized care for rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets, our clinic is equipped to provide care for a variety of patients and needs. We can address routine preventive care as well as illness and emergency situations.

Should you adopt a pet from the local shelters or a reputable adoption agency, Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care would like to offer a free healthy pet exam within 72 hours of adoption.

It is our hope that our clients feel welcomed in our hospital and confident that their pets are receiving the highest quality care possible. If we can answer any questions for you as you select the veterinary practice for your pets, please do not hesitate to contact us. When you visit us for the first time, please complete and bring in our New Client Information Form to give us more information about your pet and needs.