Cat Friendly Practice

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Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care is proud to be a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat-Friendly Practice (CFP) program.

Cats become stressed for all sorts of reasons when they go to the vet. Cats don’t always travel well, they’re sensitive to unfamiliar animals, sights, smells and sounds and in general, they usually don’t feel safe when they are away from home.

The CFP program addresses these concerns and raises the standards of feline pet care. Founded in 2012, this program conducts research, identifies trends and creates solutions for how the veterinary industry can address cats’ unique needs. Our certification through this program means we have a cat-friendly approach to our daily hospital operations.

To become certified, veterinary hospitals must complete a checklist of over 90 items that help make the hospital more comfortable for cats, assuring cat owners that the hospital’s staff is best equipped to care for their feline friends.

Our cat-friendly methods include educating cat owners about subtle feline behaviors, giving recommendations for comfortable carriers and handling methods and helping owners reduce stress at home before even getting to the vet. We’ve also adopted innovative ways to help cats once they arrive, including reducing noises and smells, providing calming pheromones and speaking with quiet voices. We allow cats to be in comfortable positions during their exams and to hide or lay on soft towels if they’d like. Our staff has been trained in low-stress handling techniques and in how to provide distractions during exams, and as a result, we are more able to identify stress in our feline patients. We are always open to discussing individualized approaches for every cat!

Our goal as a Cat-Friendly Practice is to make your cats feel comfortable and reduce as much stress as possible when they visit Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care so we can help keep them healthier longer!

For more information on our Cat-Friendly Practice and what it means for your cat, contact Park Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care online or call us at 919-544-3758.