Coronavirus Updates

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Coronavirus Updates - Park Veterinary Hospital

Thank you for your patience while we navigate this ever-changing landscape. Park Veterinary Hospital will continue to remain open during our regularly scheduled hours. Our appointment protocols will change to the following:

Moving forward, to protect both clients and team members, all clients and patients should remain in their vehicles upon arrival and for the duration of all appointment types. Please call the hospital at (919) 544-3758 to check-in.

We expect that these changes will result in extended phone-call hold times and have placed “all hands-on deck” to help answer incoming calls.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as your call may be initially screened by non-reception team members who may not have extensive experience answering calls. They will, however, connect you to a team member who can help you more comprehensively.

We will begin taking payments over the phone.

Please remain in your vehicle and call the hospital number if you need to pick up medications or food. We will bring it to you and take payment over the phone.

Team members will wear personal protective gear, including face masks and gloves during all face to face interactions with clients at their vehicles. Our team members will continue to abstain from direct client physical interactions (i.e. handshakes).

In the event of a true medical emergency, please try and reach out to us prior to arrival and our urgent care team will meet you in the parking lot. If you are unable to reach us, our doors shall remain unlocked – we will be here for you.

We will disinfect our hospitals three times daily in addition to all areas where patient exams/procedures take place directly following exams/procedures.

Implementing these guidelines may result in longer wait times. Please check your email for further information regarding these changes.

Thank you so very much again, and stay safe!

The Team at Park Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care

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