Preventive Care for the Pets of Durham NC

Following the recommendations of your veterinarian for preventive health care can not only prevent disease in your pet, but it can also provide a baseline on health status that can be critical to managing future issues.

Since pets cannot communicate, watching for changes in their body systems becomes even more important. Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care recommends several steps in preventive care for pets.

  • Bi-annual pet health exams—Pets age very quickly in relationship to humans, and one year for pets will be the human equivalent of several years of aging. For this reason, we recommend that all pets, whether puppies or kittens, senior pets, or rabbits, ferrets, or pocket pets, be examined by our veterinarians every six months. At the regular exam, our doctors check and document the functioning of multiple body systems. From heart and lungs to skin and teeth, your pet will be examined closely so that any changes in health will be quickly identified.
  • Periodic blood work—We recommend a series of general blood work tests be completed on every pet once a year. This is the best way to check on the internal functioning of your pet’s system. Using our in-house laboratory , an animal’s liver, kidneys, and thyroid can be checked as well as the balance of blood chemistry and other internal functioning.
  • Pet vaccinations—As with people, vaccinations serve to prevent some of the most common and devastating diseases that pets can acquire. The staff of Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care will partner with you to determine the best vaccinations and schedule to ensure your pet is protected.
  • Internal parasite prevention —Preventing parasites of all kinds, from fleas and ticks to heartworm and intestinal parasites, is an important process for continued pet health. Visit our parasite prevention page for more information on the frequency of parasite screening and means for preventing infestations.
  • Pet dental care —Studies have shown that maintaining excellent dental health can prevent illness in pets. Our veterinarians and staff will instruct you both in at-home and in-office pet dental hygiene.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care will be happy to partner with you to keep your pet healthy and living life to the fullest.

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