Visit our Online Pharmacy

Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care offers a full-service veterinary pharmacy for your convenience.

Whether you need antibiotics due to an infection your pet is battling, medications for an ongoing condition, or products for your pet’s preventive health care, you can rely on us to provide medications that are safe and effective.

With the ability to check your pet’s records easily, our veterinarians and staff will ensure the medications are suitable for your pet’s size and species. Our doctors are specialists in the types and doses of medicine pets need. Our products are competitively priced, and we only stock from high-quality, respectable companies so our clients can rest assured that the product will do what it claims to do and that it will be safe for use by their pets.

Sometimes pets are resistant to taking the medications that have been prescribed. The helpful staff of Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care will work with you to provide medication administering tips and tricks. We are committed to making sure you are comfortable providing the at-home care that is needed to bring your pet back to full health. Some helpful articles include:

Medications prescribed by our vets can be picked up any time our clinic is open or we can mail refill prescriptions to your home. If you are new to our area or are vacationing here, we would be happy to contact your family veterinarian to transfer your pet’s prescription or to confirm your pet’s needs so we can provide you with enough of the medication to complete your vacation.

If you have questions about your pet’s prescription, please feel free to contact our staff and veterinarians for assistance.