It is normal for pet owners to worry about their pets when they have to be away, and even more so when pets require special medical attention.

Being pet owners ourselves, Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care’s doctors and staff understand the importance of having a safe and comfortable home-away-from-home for pets.

Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care is able to board a variety of different pets, including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Other Pocket Pets

Our boarding facility has separate cat and dog areas, with cats being on an entirely different floor from the dogs to avoid any pet stresses. Cat condos are made comfortable with windows overlooking the pine trees outside, and every kennel includes a pet blanket.

Pets that are used to living together can be housed in a pet condo where they can still be separated for feeding or each pet can have its own kennel. We even have extra-large kenneling options for families of large dogs.

Pets requiring hospitalized attention during boarding are able to receive their medications administered by one of our trained technicians. Pets that are on daily medications are taken care of by our dedicated kennel staff, who has been trained in the administration of both oral and injectable medications. Owners can rest assured that their pets will receive the proper care and the benefit of a trained professional to monitor their condition.

At Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care, we understand that there are times owners must be away from their pets, and we are committed to making that time away as stress-free, both for the pets and owners, as possible. If you have to be separated from your pet, we hope you will contact Park Vet Hospital & Urgent Care for your boarding needs.